Treating more than just the spine and back!
Treating more than just the spine and back!

Myth: Chiropractors only treat the spine and back
This myth is a common mistake because of the disparity in the chiropractic world. Some chiropractors claim to only treat "conditions of the spine". However, like me the majority of chiropractors welcome all kinds of injuries into their practice. If you please take a minute to review our common conditions section you will see all injuries can span from head to toe.


Dr. Wayne Button
Dr. Wayne Button

Myth: Chiropractors are not real doctors

The answer to this myth is really in what you consider to be a “real” doctor.  Chiropractors do not receive a medical degree and do not specialize after medical school. However, a chiropractor’s education and credentials can be quite extensive and demanding.

First, to get into chiropractic school one has to have completed at least three years of undergraduate education from a recognized university. Once applying to a Chiropractic school (only one in Canada) one has to complete the application process.
Chiropractors in Canada go through an extensive four year program to receive their diploma. This means to become a Chiropractor one has to carry out at least seven years of education. The program consists of three years of academics and a one year internship. The program includes courses dealing specifically with chiropractic care and other scientific topics. Some of these courses include immunology, biochemistry, biomechanics, anatomy, toxicopharmocology, microbiology, physiology, pathophysiology and histology just to name a few.


Many Alternative Treaments Available
Many Alternative Treaments Available

Myth: All chiropractors do is “crack backs”
Chiropractors go through extensive training in learning different forms of manipulation. Furthermore, our education incorporates the physiology, biomechanics and reasoning behind spinal manipulative therapy. However, it is not all we do.

Depending on your injury and the goals of the chiropractor in the treatment plan you may not even get manipulated. Certain conditions actually are contraindications to receiving manipulation such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and extensive corticosteroid use.


The following is a list of different techniques we practice:


Activator Technique
Active Release Therapy

Gonstead Technique

Graston Technique
Kinesio Taping

Logan Technique

Mulligan Mobilizations
Myofascial Release Therapy
Orthotic prescription

Proprioceptive Training

Rehabilitation Protocols
Thompson Technique


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